• Efflo-Remover®Quick View
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      Efflo-Remover®Quick View
    • Efflo-Remover®

    • $139.95
    • Efflo-Remover® from Seal n Lock is an organic acid which is used to remove efflorescence from brick pavers (a whitish residue that is sometimes apparent on the surface of the pavers) and rust from the surface of the pavers. Our efflorescence remover is user friendly and environmentally safe.
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  • Kick-Ass-Degreaser®Quick View
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      Kick-Ass-Degreaser®Quick View
    • Kick-Ass-Degreaser®

    • $119.95
    • Seal ‘n Lock Kick-Ass Degreaser is a powerful seven blend, fast acting, and environmentally safe industrial strength dissolving agent. It quickly lifts grease and petrochemical agents out of surface pores and breaks them down into safe biodegradable matter that can be washed away with water. View product guide below for dilution ratios on various surfaces.
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